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About Lavrio

Lavrio (known in the 19th century as Lavrion Laboratories) is a small town in the southeastern part of Attica and the seat of the Municipality of Lavreotiki. It is known from the classical antiquity for the extraction of silver, which was one of the main sources of income for the city-state of Athens, for the production of coins and the financing of the Athenian fleet. Part of the city is a traditional settlement. Lavrio can be described as a place of great historical and monumental density.

The city of Lavrio

Lavrio is located 40 km north of Athens (60 km by car) and 7 km north of Cape Sounio. This modern city is built around the harbor and looks east towards Makronisos Island. Lavrio has a harbour and in recent years, significant resources have been allocated to the reconstruction and extension of the port. Due to this, the road connecting it to the airport and to the capital was also modernized. Lavrio had once been a flourishing industrial city with a host of industries. The main occupation of its inhabitants was working in small industries and crafts, because of its relatively small distance from the Koropi area (about 30 km). Koropi is is an industrial center, where a large number of residents work.